“I have to make an effort not to take a moment to think about what I’m doing up there. That’s when you look down at your guitar and feel like it’s something you’ve never seen before. I try to avoid that moment. Like all these actions I’ll do now, it’s built in. I can’t fucking do the Macarena again tonight but if I don’t do it, I’ll fuck the next line up. There are a lot of words in our songs. I don’t want to make it seem like I have it hard or anything, but you start thinking about it too much and step out of that zone, you don’t know where you are. What is this? What is this place? You spend all day in your head and then for that one hour, you don’t. Especially the old songs, if I tried to sing a verse from one right now, I couldn’t do it. But in that moment, when I’m there and they’re all around me, playing, it’s built into me. I can do it.